Christie + Jason | Aravina Estate

Christie + Jason love throwing parties, and they had an insane vision for their wedding at the luxurious Aravina Estate.

There was a moment in their wedding where they mentioned that they had a professional side and a party side that they kept very separate.

It pretty much summed up what their wedding was about too – a rad mash up of a classy winery wedding and a nightclub-esque reception that tore the roof off Aravina Estate. And that’s not to mention the after party that went past sunrise…

If you’ve ever been to Aravina, you’ve probably admired the restaurant that overlooks the incredible gardens and vineyard. Garden weddings here have a romantic, luxury vibe.

So when Christie + Jason wanted to turn it into a club – I think something like Berlin vibes might have been mentioned – I was pretty pumped for it, but I was also scratching my head a bit, wondering how it was gonna turn out.

It’s fair to say they killed it – jeez, they know how to throw a party!

Deep house and trance pumped straight after the ceremony, DJ Girl London slayed it on a raised stage, velvet lounges and neon signs, club lighting…

They sliced the top of a dozen champagne bottles with a sabres, and the ground was crunching underfoot with booze and shards of glass as they filled an incredible champagne tower.

Incredibly touching speeches, mad party games from their MCs and a heaving dance floor…

It got intense – yessssss!