Hollie + Lewis | Eagle Bay

Hollie + Lewis’ beach wedding at Eagle Bay.

Hollie + Lewis got ready next door to each other, walked to their ceremony on the sand, hung out with everyone afterwards, and partied back at the beach house. I don’t think they moved more than 200m all day.

Pretty much the perfect recipe for a great party.

For sure it helps when your close family friends have a house right on the beach at Eagle Bay – their ceremony was directly in front of a private path through the dunes.

Drinks on the beach, party tunes, and relaxed vibes made for a killer afternoon.

And their Boston Terrier, Norman, cruised around all afternoon and probably got more photos than anyone else.

A mad dance floor kicked off early and was heaving even before the speeches had started. Lewis’ little bro Keenan and his mate Jack slayed it with big disco beats and party tunes. Hollie’s dad got a bit excited and put together a custom photo booth, which was pretty much an outdoor studio – complete with custom neon sign, beach sand and a friend’s Kombi too.

Lewis’ mum and Hollie’s nan handprinted dried flowers for the bouquets and decorations, and there was colour popping everywhere, especially the streamers hanging over the dance floor.

Yallingup Event Hire nailed the styling, and their new boat bar with customised signage was a killer touch. Supper Road delivered top notch eats as always.

And there was a very tender moment when everyone cleared the dance floor for Hollie’s grandparents – they never got to have a first dance at their wedding all those years ago, and they had one very sweet and touching dance.

Good times!