Black and white photo of modern wedding letterpress invitation in shadows

Black and white portrait of bride in hallway before her wedding ceremony

Black and white photo of bride in dark room looking out of window with negative space behind her

Bride and family arriving at wedding ceremony at Solitaire Homestead in Yallingup in Toyota Prado four wheel drive cars

Bride and father walking down aisle at wedding in peppermint trees at Solitaire Homestead while groom and wedding guests look on

Father of the bride hugging groom at wedding ceremony at Solitaire Homestead

Smiling wedding guests watching ceremony at a bush wedding in Yallingup, Western Australia

Bride holding microphone towards groom at ceremony while he delivers personalised wedding vows

Happy wedding guests laughing during outdoor ceremony in Yallingup

Bride and groom walking back down aisle after wedding as guests throw white petals and confetti over them at Solitaire Homestead in Yallingup

Mother of the groom excitedly hugging son after wedding ceremony in Yallingup

Beagle dog with bow tie walking with guests at outdoor wedding ceremony

Bride hugging friend's small child at wedding while groom plays peekaboo with flowergirl

Girl in leather jacket and green dress with white polkadots laughing during wedding celebrations

Wedding guests enjoying drinks after ceremony in a grove of peppermint tress at outdoor bush location in Australia

Girl in leopards dress dress and denim jacket smiling at friends outdoor wedding

Page boy toddler being thrown in the air and groom waiting to catch hm while his aunt looks on

black and white photo of bride, groom and bridal party walking through Australian bush at farm wedding in Yallingup

Bridal party posing in front of yellow flowering Australian Christmas tree at farm wedding at Solitaire Homestead in Yallingup

Bride holding dress and walking with husband holding native protea bouquet in front of Australia Christmas tree with yellow flowers at Solitaire Homestead

Bride and groom walking through field of golden grass at sunset in Yallingup near Margaret River

Bride standing in field of golden grass at sunset while groom walks towards her

black and white photo of bride and groom in field of grass framed between dead trees in Yallingup

Bride and groom smiling and looking at each other lovingly at sunset with sun flare

Groom holding outstretched hand towards bride as they walk towards each other at a farm wedding at sunset in Margaret River

Bride and groom standing on red dirt road in a field of golden grass with storm clouds at Solitaire Homestead in Margaret River

Bride holding dress and spinning around in a field at outdoor wedding in Yallingup

Bride and groom lit up by sunset as they walk through field under heavy dark storm clouds at Solitaire Homestead

Bride and groom walk through golden landscape under heavy dark storm clouds at Solitaire Homestead in Yallingup

Wedding guests clapping and smiling as wedding reception at Solitaire Homestead

Irish father of the bride laughing during wedding speeches with small bottle of whiskey on the table

Guests clinking glasses during wedding toast at wedding reception

Bride and groom laughing during hilarious wedding speeches

Wedding guests laughing during funny wedding speeches at wedding reception

Woman in pink animal print dress clapping during wedding speeches

Family friend laughing and clapping during wedding speeches

Mother of the groom and family laughing during groom's wedding speech

Bride wiping a tear from her eye as groom looks at her and gives his wedding speech

Bride and groom embracing under festoon lights at outdoor farm wedding at Solitaire Homestead in front of all of their guests

Groom dips bride during first dance as wedding guests look on and cheer at Solitaire Homestead

Girl in red dress dances with bride at wedding reception with light streaks in background

bride throwing dance moves in white wedding jumpsuit at wedding reception

Bride in white wedding jumpsuit jumping in air doing Irish dancing at wedding

Bride smiling and friend giving two fingers Peace sign while doing conga dance at a wedding

Bride and groom held up on friend's shoulders and dancing above their guests at party wedding at Solitaire Homestead

Guests cheering on wedding dancefloor

Bride and groom holding hands and being chaired on friend's shoulders on dance floor at Solitaire Homestead

Katie + Ben | Solitaire Homestead

Katie + Ben’s wedding at Solitaire Homestead in Yallingup.

I just love the property at Solitaire. The owners, Kelly and Nico have done such an incredible job with their farm, transforming it into an incredible event space. Every time I visit, I’m blown away by what they’ve created.
As you arrive and drive through the property there’s incredible open spaces and Australian bush and scrub. Wedding guests walk through the paddocks with big open skies and enter a grove of peppermint trees which is home to a secluded ceremony location.
There’s lots of tasteful and quirky touches everywhere, and vintage green wooden doors provided the perfect arbour for Katie + Ben’s ceremony.
December down south is great for many reasons, but one of my faves is the Australian Christmas trees which bloom at the start of summer. Bright yellow flowers explode from these trees and add an awesome hit of colour to the landscapes.
Jennifer Etherington delivered a fun and heartfelt ceremony, and a gin bar was and epic way to kick off the celebrations afterwards.
And wouldn’t you know it – after weeks of hot weather the unthinkable happened – a weird summer storm was brewing and threatened to scuttle Katie + Ben’s outdoor wedding plans. In the end the rain held off perfectly and the cooler change was a welcome break from the heat.
It was wild and windy and I asked Katie and Ben where they’d like to go for some photos – we could play it safe and stay comfy, or take a bit of a risk and hunt some mad landscapes. With their love for the outdoors and adventure I’m stoked they chose the second option!
Hilarious speeches, a mad dance floor like only an Irish wedding can provide and the party was pumping so hard I ended up staying til real laaaaaate.
Congrats to you both and thanks for the incredible day!