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Shayne + Campbell | Busselton

Shayne & Campbell got married under the most amazing Moreton Bay fig tree, surrounded by historical cottages and gardens on a private property right in the heart of Busselton.

There is something so so special about weddings in secret little spots like this – this gem of a property is owned by their close family friends and is a living piece of history

There’s nothing to announce it from the street – just a long driveway on the edge of town that you’d drive by without even noticing. When I first met Shayne and Cam out here I was gobsmacked, and they put an incredible amount of work into making sure it looked even more spectacular on their wedding day. With a strong family history in Busselton it was a perfect place for them to say their vows.

Hugs, laughs and tears were on tap, the music pumped (Brayden Sibbald’s acoustic jams were spot on), Laundry 43 did an amazing job with the catering, stunning wines from Domaine Naturaliste and the most chilled out and relaxed private property celebration you could hope for.