Tash + Nick | Stonebarn

Tash & Nick’s Stonebarn wedding in Pemberton.

With a spring heatwave nudging temps into the 30s, it was a relief to drive in Stonebarn for Tash & Nick’s wedding and see some clouds overhead and giving us some respite from the heat.

The clouds kept building over the valley as their outdoor reception was being set-up and styled, and as their guests arrived the sky turned an ominous darker shade of grey.

I’m not sure anyone thought it was actually going to rain, and a few minutes before their ceremony was due to start, some hectic lighting bolts lit up the surrounding hills and an incredible boom of thunder reverberated through the valley. There were a few shrieks and you could feel the electricity in the air.

And then the heavens opened with big fat raindrops and everyone scrambled back to the main building at Stonebarn. Some guests ran down the long road from the forest to the house, others jumped into whatever car seat was available.

And the best bit? The storm showed how amazing all of Tash & Nick’s friends and family were. The sun came back and dried everything out, and everyone just rolled up their sleeves and started cleaning up and tidying the long table dinner set-up, drying chairs, serving drinks, and after a crazy hour we had a new ceremony location and the show went on.

Tash & Nick rolled with the curveballs didn’t stop laughing all day, we had a couple of resident ducks waddling through the ceremony, champagne flowed and the setting was incredible. Everyone had a blast and that’s all that matters!